Welcome to EJL Nutrition!

Food is my passion. Whether it be cooking, trying new recipes, reading nutrition books, making up meal plans or carrying out research, this is the one topic that I cannot get enough of.

I’ve always felt that nutrition has been a topic that hasn’t quite been communicated out properly.  Not in simple terms of what we should or shouldn’t be eating or how we can fit this in to our ever-increasingly busy lifestyles, where takeaways and ready meals are easier than cooking a healthy, nutritious meal from scratch – that maybe quicker than waiting for pizza to be delivered on a Friday night…and cheaper!

I’ve always tried to help where I can.  If someone says to me they’re going on a diet or they’re cutting out certain aspects of their meals, I have tried to guide them in the right direction, to the best of my ability. Perhaps more so than the latest diet fad that will work for a few months, until you start putting the weight on again.

I want to encourage everyone that there is always time to cook healthy meals.  If you’re not great in the kitchen, I’m here to help.  You can become good at cooking and surprise yourself.  The aim is to provide honest, simple and easy guidance on nutrition.  Whether you are looking at improving your knowledge of nutrition, looking to improve your health and wellbeing, to find new recipes, cooking tips or getting to know the basics, this is the place for you!

I am more than happy to help you create meal plans and provide guidance, helping you to find tasty, healthy meals suited to you and making food an enjoyable, easy aspect of your life.  Visit the contact page and let’s start your exciting journey.